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“I have been pursuing Photography as a career for more than 10 years” - Toyin Dawudu



I have always had a passion for creating and owning things. What I love most is taking portraits. Capturing a moment in time that lives forever - truly amazing in my opinion. I have been pursing photography as a career for more than 10 years.

I have a background in Market Research, Strategy and Social Media, and you wouldn’t think so, if I told you that I went to University to study Mathematics - however I dropped out. This didn’t stopped me. It fuelled me. I wanted to prove the naysayers in my life at the time wrong, and, this path led me to work with a number of global brands in my field such as Yahoo, Wearesocial and GlobalWebIndex to name a few, funny right!

Born in London, and grew up between Nigeria and the United Kingdom. In my spare time, I love learning, watching sports, and writing code. I speak Yoruba, English, Spanish and currently learning French. However, I’m most proud of my family - Titilola and Josiah. [Plug checkout my Wife’s Website]

Now I spend my time working between a handful of cities in the UK, and I am based in Coventry.

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Creativity takes Courage
— Henri Matisse