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Goals, photography business and the final third of 2019

Garden in Coventry.jpeg

I’m writing this post in my beautiful garden in Coventry while having breakfast. I guess I’m contemplating my year so far and analysing my situation. It’s been just over four months since I moved up to Coventry on a thrilling adventure and experience with my family. 

The amount of green and open spaces, farms and the general cost of living is incredible. However, growing my business has been a challenge. 

Although my summer has been exciting in so many ways, I would have like to have grown my network in the Coventry and the West Midlands. I would have liked to have met more new faces, connected with other small to medium sized business, and visited many new places in my new surroundings. 

5 things I would like to work on in the next 4 months

  • Engage with 200 businesses in the Midlands 

  • Provide value to 5 new business every month (10% conversion target)

  • Take 50 headshots of different individuals 

  • 100 portraits of strangers

  • Have a revenue target of £5,000

As a creative and especially as a freelancer, I have to have goals and push myself to meeting them in order to gain more work and hone my craft. By doing this though, I know I can be hard on myself. 

I shall keep you updated with my progress. Looking at my goals once more, I have to be able to know that they are achievable. It may be challenging but I have to think to myself that I can only know what bar I’m setting for myself. The same with you; only you know what you are capable of.