Photographer || Content Creator


I was hired to deliver high specification images over a short turnaround time.

Manos required delivery of the photographs before the following working day, as the images were going to be used in creating pamphlets for the show and also used on social media.

Portfolio - Manos-1.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-2.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-3.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-4.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-5.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-10.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-6.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-12.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-7.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-8.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-9.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-11.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-13.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-14.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-15.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-16.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-17.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-18.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-19.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-20.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-21.jpg
Portfolio - Manos-22.jpg