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Rates & Services


Contact me directly to receive pricing guides for my services with more information. Rates listed below do not include travel fees.



I offer mini-portrait studio sessions as not everyone needs the extra bells and whistles of a private portrait commission.

It all quite simple:

  • The sessions start from £80

  • Book a time that’s convenient

  • And I’ll see you down in my studio

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Private Portrait Commissions

I ask each client to create a brief that allows me provide a unique experience. Just let me know what you need.

This package starts from £200.

For example, you might need me to come to your home, or come to your Mum’s 50th birthday party specifically for family portraits.



I love private event commissions, and this particular service allows me to deliver different services to clients. From servicing a Theatre-Director to creating content for a brand or Marketer. And this varies as each event is different.

However to manage your expectation on my rates, it starts from £100 per hour